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Experience In The Cockpit, And In The Courtroom

Aviation Experience - Nationwide

Experience makes a huge difference in the cockpit.

It does in the courtroom, too.

A non-pilot attorney from a big "aviation" firm suffered a disastrous loss in a recent aviation negligence case that was tried to a jury in a major city. He didn't understand why his opponent's bogus theory of what caused the crash was impossible, because he had never studied aeronautics or flown an airplane. As a result, he didn't know the right questions to ask on cross-examination, or what to tell the jury about his opponent's theory. He will never forget the result. Nor will his client.

John McKay is an experienced pilot and an experienced trial lawyer.

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An experienced pilot knows how every system of the aircraft works.

An experienced aviation attorney also knows what's going on behind the scenes.

Surprisingly, many attorneys practicing aviation law have little or no knowledge about how the aviation insurance market controls the defense of aviation negligence claims. Those attorneys will lob random threats and demands at the other side, without any understanding of how the insurance market may react to them. Hands-on experience in the insurance market that controls the defense attorneys and the money behind the claims can mean the difference between an efficient and fair settlement process and years of protracted and expensive litigation.

John McKay has worked in the aviation insurance market and with the big firms that do its defense work.

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An experienced pilot trains for every possible scenario.

A good aviation attorney has a wealth of trial experience.

Several of the big-name aviation law firms have attorneys who have never tried a case! They'll never tell you that up front, of course. You wouldn't knowingly board an airplane that is about to be flown by a brand-new pilot, and you certainly shouldn't trust your case to an inexperienced attorney. Seasoned trial lawyers know that nothing ever goes as planned in a trial, because surprise maneuvers by opposing counsel and unexpected rulings from the judge are bound to occur. Sure, most big-name firms have an older partner with trial experience, and you will likely meet that partner during the initial interview--you may even receive assurances that he or she will be overseeing your case every step of the way. But will the partner be there for the trial, or for critical pre-trial motions? Good question. Just how do those inexperienced attorneys ever get trial experience? Another good question. Look for that partner on a golf course in Florida while your trial is taking place.

John McKay is a seasoned trial lawyer who has tried many cases to juries. And he will be with you from start to finish.

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