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Experience In The Cockpit, And In The Courtroom

Client Testimonials

"Mr. McKay’s signature is professionalism. His support against the airline was very accurate. From the beginning he was precise and honest about the time, regulations, amount figures, and possible scenarios based on the nature of my family’s claim. Throughout this process, he kept us informed on events to the last step. Thanks to his professional intervention, my family and I feel justice was done in our case. Thanks John."

M. T., Virginia

"Mr. McKay is a knowledgeable lawyer who expresses a passion for his job and a desire to inform and guide his clients. He addressed all of our concerns and questions. Great communication and prompt follow-ups. He is really informed with aviation laws and the airline business. I am glad that he handled our case and will recommend him to anyone."

A. E., New York City

"[John] laid away my fears and answered all questions I had. My number one fear … was the time it will take for [my claim] to be settled but … it all came to conclusion in about a month or a month and half. Thank you very much for being there for the victims mishandled by powerful airline companies and fighting for their rights."

K. T., Massachusetts

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