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John D. McKay is a personal injury lawyer with a reputation for getting results in cases involving complex issues of fact and law. Much of John's practice involves representation in aircraft accident claims. As a licensed pilot, he understands the practical aspects of flying, aviation safety and what can go wrong in the air and on the ground. He is available to represent airplane accident victims throughout the United States and Canada. He is also a registered solicitor, available to handle aircraft-related personal injury and wrongful death claims in England and Wales.

Whether it involves a commercial airline crash, injuries sustained aboard a commercial airliner, a military aircraft accident or another aviation claim, you can depend on aviation accident attorney John D. McKay for skillful, results-oriented advocacy.

Personal Attention In Every Case

John understands the importance of your case. John will work with you, taking the time to learn every detail so that nothing is overlooked. You can expect to be involved and informed about available options as the legal process moves forward. When you call with questions or concerns, John will respond promptly. You will have confidence knowing that an experienced attorney is working hard to get results for you.

Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales – Worldwide

John D. McKay has considerable experience in representing buyers and sellers of jet and turboprop aircraft on a worldwide basis. For more information, click here

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