We Fight Back Against Any Type Of Airline Discrimination

Discrimination of any type should never be acceptable on the part of airlines, and at Park Avenue Law LLC, we fight back against this type of reprehensible treatment. Our lawyer fights on behalf of those who experienced mistreatment, helping individuals hold airlines accountable and fighting for appropriate compensation on their behalf.

You may be unsure whether or not what you experienced qualifies as discrimination, but a complete evaluation of your case can help you understand your options. Our lawyer can guide you toward the most effective course of action for your individual situation, as well as advocate for your right to fly without fear of harassment or mistreatment because of race, gender, religious beliefs and various other factors.

How Can You Know If You Are Victim?

Unfortunately, airlines do not always work to protect the rights of their passengers. We have experience advocating for passengers across the United States exposed to various types of discriminatory treatment and inappropriate behaviors. You may have a valid claim against the airline if you experienced any of the following:

  • An airline employee asked you to move because another passenger did not want to sit next to you during a flight.
  • The airline refused to let you board or put you on a different flight for no apparent reason.
  • Airline employees did not take action when another passenger was acting hostile or inappropriately toward you.
  • Flight attendants did not provide you with the same level of services given to other passengers seated near you.

When the friendly skies are not so friendly, you will benefit from the assistance of an attorney who understands your rights and is unafraid to stand up to airlines and their powerful insurance companies.

Start With An Evaluation Of Your Case

You deserve to know your legal options and understand your rights. By starting with an evaluation of your case, you can learn more about the best way forward for your individual situation. Contact our office at 800-391-3654 or email us for an appointment to discuss your case with a member of our team.