Were You Injured On An Airplane?

When you think about airplane accidents, you may think about crashes and catastrophic damage, but that is not always the case. In many cases, a significant number of airline injuries result from what some people would consider less severe incidents that cause harm to passengers while in flight. Although not every injury is life-altering or life-threatening, they can still result in a significant amount of pain and suffering for victims.

At Park Avenue Law LLC, we assist victims who experience various types of injuries while flying. Airlines are responsible for incidents that arise from negligence or recklessness, and we know how to hold the appropriate parties accountable and fight for a full and fair recovery on your behalf. Moreover, it is not necessary for a passenger to prove any negligence when the injury occurred during a flight on an international itinerary (which can include a purely domestic flight, if it is a segment of an international trip).

Common Types Of Injuries Experienced By Airline Passengers

Injuries experienced by airline passengers can range from minor to debilitating, but no matter the nature of your injury, we can help you seek what you need to get better and move forward. Our lawyer has decades of experience in aviation law, and he understands how to effectively advocate for the rights and interests of injured passengers. We have helped victims with injuries resulting from the following types of occurrences:

  • Accidents involving food and beverage carts striking passengers
  • Items falling out of overhead bins
  • Injuries that are result of violence from other passengers
  • Turbulence-related injuries
  • Burns from hot beverages or food
  • Falling or tripping while boarding or disembarking
  • Improper wheelchair assistance
  • Crushing or pinching injuries
  • Discrimination

Throughout his legal career, our attorney has been dedicated to positive results on behalf of his clients. He has a reputation for exceptional client advocacy, personal service and extensive knowledge in the niche area of aviation law. Through an evaluation of your case, you can learn about how our lawyer and experienced legal team can assist you.

We Take Cases On A Contingency Basis

Our firm takes injuries cases on a contingency basis, which means you will not owe legal fees unless we secure a successful verdict or settlement for you. Contact our office at 800-391-3654 for an appointment, or contact us online.