Assaulted On A Plane? You Deserve Justice.

If you experienced any type of assault while a passenger on an airliner, you may feel overwhelmed by what happened to you and unsure of what to do next. Unfortunately, instances of sexual assault, aggressive behavior and inappropriate behavior are on the rise, and airlines are often reluctant to act to protect their customers.

Park Avenue Law LLC advocates for those who experience injuries in various types of aviation accidents, as well as those who experience any type of assault while flying. You deserve justice, and you will find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who understands your rights and is unafraid to defend your interests tenaciously. We can help you understand your legal options so you can move forward with the most appropriate course of action.

You Do Not Have To Fight Alone

In many cases, airlines are responsible for things that happen to customers while in one of their company’s aircraft. We understand the complexities of building strong cases for those who have suffered a sexual assault or who were attacked on a flight, whether it was international or domestic. It is possible to fight for justice, and our lawyer can help you in this fight and guide you in the most effective way forward.

Assault on planes comes in many forms. Sometimes, passengers act aggressively and fight, causing harm to another passenger. In other cases, passengers use the dim lighting and close proximity to touch another passenger inappropriately. We believe there is no such thing as an insignificant assault case – if you suffered harm, we will take every available measure to hold the responsible parties accountable and fight for the financial compensation you deserve.

Do You Know Your Rights? We Can Help.

You do not have to wonder about your rights or what you should do after experiencing any type of assault. Contact our office at 800-391-3654 or here to make an appointment for a case consultation.