Injured In A Private Plane Crash? You Have Rights.

Plane crashes involving smaller, privately owned aircraft happen more than you may realize – the average is close to one per day somewhere in the world. In some cases, these serious personal injury or fatal accidents are the result of faulty maintenance, defective parts, design errors or other forms of negligence. Victims could have grounds to pursue financial compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Park Avenue Law LLC assists injured victims and the families of those killed in private plane crashes across the United States and Canada, as well as throughout the world. In many cases, the responsible parties are aviation-related companies based in the United States, that can be sued there even if the crash occurred somewhere else in the world. With over 30 years practicing law, a background as a claims attorney for an aviation insurance company and extensive experience as a pilot, John McKay is uniquely qualified to assist you during the aftermath of your plane accident. No other attorney in the country possesses the same combination of relevant experience.

A Thorough Investigation Into Your Case

We take immediate action on behalf of our clients, starting with a thorough investigation into the crash. From plane crashes at sky diving schools to privately chartered flight accidents, our lawyer has the mechanical and operational knowledge to select the appropriate experts to conduct an investigation to identify the cause of the accident and will effectively pursue compensation from the responsible party. Some of the most common reasons for small and private plane crashes include:

  • Pilot error, including fuel starvation, loss of control, and failure to avoid terrain or other obstacles
  • Faulty parts or poorly maintained planes
  • Issues with instructions from air traffic control
  • Collisions with another aircraft
  • Navigation database errors
  • Defective designs affecting controllability or survivability
  • Faulty instructions from manufacturers
  • Issues with weather and weather briefings
  • Icing on critical flight control surfaces
  • Issues with weight and balance

Insurance companies for private planes are often the same ones that provide insurance for commercial airlines. Their ultimate goal in any type of aviation accident claim is to protect their bottom line. With a background in aviation insurance, Mr. McKay knows how to confront the tactics often employed by these companies. He understands these cases from all angles, a perspective that allows him to build strong civil claims on behalf of his clients.

A Tough Litigator On Your Side

Throughout his decadeslong legal career, our lawyer has built a reputation for positive results on behalf of his clients. He is a tough litigator and knowledgeable ally for victims of various plane-related injuries and accidents. Make an appointment for a review of your case by calling 800-391-3654 or you can contact us online.