Aviation Law — US, Canada And International

Aviation attorney John D. McKay’s decades of experience allows him to handle all types of cases for clients throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Unlike large aviation law firms, where cases tend to be handled on a high volume basis, John accepts only a limited number of these complex cases. He provides personal attention to every client, working hard to obtain the best available result for each client.

Airplane-Related Personal Injury Claims

John represents people who have suffered serious injuries in private aircraft crashes, commercial airline crashes and military aircraft accidents. He also handles claims for individuals injured not in crashes, but in accidents on airliners. These cases can include anything from boarding and deplaning mishaps to food poisoning and beverage service injuries or injuries resulting from airlines and their agents not providing necessary services in a professional manner.

Airplane-Related Wrongful Death Claims

Sadly, some aircraft crashes result in fatalities. John represents the families of victims who have passed away in airplane accidents. He is an advocate for those who have lost their lives, and the loved ones they have left behind, as a result of the negligence of airlines, air traffic controllers, operators and manufacturers. Unlike other law firms in this area of practice, John does not directly solicit families of victims in their time of grief, and never will. He only represents those who contact him and retain him.

Airplane And Aircraft Component Defect Claims

Aircraft defects can lead to severe injuries or fatalities. They can also lead to property damage or financial loss. Whatever the case may be, John will use his decades of experience not only as a lawyer, but also as a licensed commercial pilot, to seek compensation for victims of design defects, manufacturing defects and/or negligent failures to warn of specific hazards. Claims may be filed against the manufacturer of the defective airplane, the manufacturer of a defective component or other parties.

Transaction Assistance

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