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Plane grounded after two fatal crashes

Generally speaking, the United States has taken a leading role in aviation safety. However, it failed to act first after news broke that two planes made by Boeing had been involved in serious accidents. It is believed that software used on the 737 Max jets led to the crashes, and they could have posed a danger to Florida residents or others who may have flown on them in the future.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded planes in the past after safety issues became apparent. In 2013, Boeing 787 Dreamliners were not allowed to fly because of battery fires. In 1979, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 planes were not permitted to fly after crashes that resulted in numerous deaths. The acting administrator for the FAA tried to defend the delay in grounding the 737 Max jets by saying that he led a fact-based organization.

Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashes in Texas, killing three

Thousands of Florida residents receive packages from Amazon Prime each year. Unfortunately, an Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashed while en route from Miami to Houston on February 23, taking the lives of three people.

According to news reports, the Boeing 767 nosedived and smashed into a swamp approximately 30 miles short of its destination, George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Witnesses of the crash told investigators that they could hear the aircraft's engines surging before it turned sharply and dove straight down into the shallow water below. The following day, the flight's operator, Atlas Air Worldwide, issued a statement confirming that none of three people aboard the plane had survived the accident.

Determining fault in an airline crash

Florida residents who are in an airline crash may suffer severe injuries. According to a 2008 study, blunt trauma injuries, including head injuries, broken bones and burns, are the most common kinds of injuries suffered by crash victims, and they are often severe.

Following an airplane crash, it is necessary to determine what caused the accident. The responsible party is generally legally liable for the losses of the people injured. Around half of all airline accidents are caused by pilot error although other elements, such as inclement weather, may also contribute to the crash. Another common reason for a plane crash is mechanical failure. For example, the landing gear, electrical system or fuel system might be defective and cause a crash. The National Transportation Safety Board and other agencies are often involved in determining the cause of a plane crash.

Signs you may be a victim of airline discrimination

The signs of airline discrimination may not always be easy to spot. After all, traveling can be a chaotic experience by nature with people constantly moving through security or clamoring for an overhead bin to fit their carry-on bag.

Nevertheless, no passenger should have to tolerate or even expect unfair treatment amid all the chaos. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that it is illegal for an airline to discriminate against individual passengers, especially if it is based on how someone looks, talks or dresses. If you are not certain that you experienced airline discrimination, consider whether any of the following scenarios might have happened to you in one way or another:

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