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Is it still safe to fly?

Recent airplane accidents, such as the charter flight that overshot a Florida runway and landed in a river, are raising new concerns about the safety of air travel. Worldwide, more than 750 people have died in airplane crashes over the past two years. About half of those deaths were the result of Boeing 737 Max jet crashes that occurred in Ethiopia and Indonesia. In each case, it is believed that an automated system inadvertently forced the nose of the plane down.

There seems to be no direct correlation, though, between those crashes and a Russian flight that caught fire attempting to land in Moscow. That accident, which claimed the lives of more than 40 people, raises questions about the wisdom of attempting to land a plane that just took off and is full of fuel. Also of concern are reports that passengers took enough time to retrieve their carry-on luggage before evacuating the plane.

Proving negligence in a common carrier accident

Common carriers in Florida are any business that transports customers for a fee. Examples include buses, taxis, ships, trains and airplanes. When passengers are injured in a common carrier accident, they may have a case against the business.

Many common carriers are under a regulatory body that sets safety standards. For example, commercial airlines are under the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration. When operators fail to uphold these standards, there may be grounds for a personal injury claim. In addition, operators who fail to exercise reasonable care and diligence, even when they do not violate any particular standards, may be held liable for injuries.

How to know if an airplane is safe

It seems that airline accidents and issues are filling the news lately. Ever since Boeing's 737 Max Jet was at the center of two devastating crashes late last year and early this year, anxiety over whether it is safe to fly has increased. That anxiety had so much influence that various countries around the world, including Britain and Germany, decided to ban Boeing 737 Max planes.

This anxiety is understandable. Many people might have delayed flights on purpose to avoid the risk that seems to accompany flying lately. However, there are some ways to determine if a flight is safe long before boarding the plane.

Small plane crashes: three dead, cause unknown

Residents of Florida may be wondering about the circumstances of an April 14 plane crash. A twin-engine jet crashed in the woods of northern Mississippi, killing all three people who were onboard: the pilot, his wife and the co-pilot. Police in Union County identified the deceased as residents of Belmont and Booneville, respectively.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration explained that the aircraft, a Rockwell Sabreliner 65, departed University Oxford Airport in Mississippi at around 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 13, and was bound for Marion County-Rankin Fite Airport in Alabama. Around 5 p.m. that same day, the FAA received a call saying that the plane was missing from the radar.

How the Air Carrier Access Act handles disability discrimination

It is essential for individuals with disabilities to know their rights when traveling. One of the most important laws to remember is the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986. The act specifically protects the rights of aircraft passengers with disabilities.

Unfortunately, disability discrimination is still frequent. Understanding your rights can help you identify and prevent discrimination on an airline.

Suffered an airplane injury? You might be entitled to damages

Airplane injuries are rare, but they can be life changing when they occur. Even for people who are not afraid of flying, no one wants something to go wrong on an airplane ride. However, many people know from first-hand experience that it can happen. If you have experienced injuries on an airplane, you might be entitled to damages. Below are three common aviation injuries that occur:

Plane crashes cause panic around the world

Typically, an aircraft is not grounded unless flight data shows that there is a significant problem with it. However, this was not the case with the Boeing Max 737. It was grounded throughout the world after crashes in Asia and Africa. This is because news of a crash can put fliers in Florida and around the globe in a state of panic. In fact, one news outlet has coined the term permanxiety to describe being in a constant state of panic.

While airplanes are generally safe, the news of a crash can spread quickly in the social media era. News may also be sensationalized or otherwise amplified by media sources looking to get clicks and views to is social media and other web properties. In the aftermath of the Max 737 crashes, Boeing has installed a software fix and has made efforts to educate pilots.

Plane grounded after two fatal crashes

Generally speaking, the United States has taken a leading role in aviation safety. However, it failed to act first after news broke that two planes made by Boeing had been involved in serious accidents. It is believed that software used on the 737 Max jets led to the crashes, and they could have posed a danger to Florida residents or others who may have flown on them in the future.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has grounded planes in the past after safety issues became apparent. In 2013, Boeing 787 Dreamliners were not allowed to fly because of battery fires. In 1979, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 planes were not permitted to fly after crashes that resulted in numerous deaths. The acting administrator for the FAA tried to defend the delay in grounding the 737 Max jets by saying that he led a fact-based organization.

Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashes in Texas, killing three

Thousands of Florida residents receive packages from Amazon Prime each year. Unfortunately, an Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashed while en route from Miami to Houston on February 23, taking the lives of three people.

According to news reports, the Boeing 767 nosedived and smashed into a swamp approximately 30 miles short of its destination, George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Witnesses of the crash told investigators that they could hear the aircraft's engines surging before it turned sharply and dove straight down into the shallow water below. The following day, the flight's operator, Atlas Air Worldwide, issued a statement confirming that none of three people aboard the plane had survived the accident.

Determining fault in an airline crash

Florida residents who are in an airline crash may suffer severe injuries. According to a 2008 study, blunt trauma injuries, including head injuries, broken bones and burns, are the most common kinds of injuries suffered by crash victims, and they are often severe.

Following an airplane crash, it is necessary to determine what caused the accident. The responsible party is generally legally liable for the losses of the people injured. Around half of all airline accidents are caused by pilot error although other elements, such as inclement weather, may also contribute to the crash. Another common reason for a plane crash is mechanical failure. For example, the landing gear, electrical system or fuel system might be defective and cause a crash. The National Transportation Safety Board and other agencies are often involved in determining the cause of a plane crash.

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