Florida residents who are in an airline crash may suffer severe injuries. According to a 2008 study, blunt trauma injuries, including head injuries, broken bones and burns, are the most common kinds of injuries suffered by crash victims, and they are often severe.

Following an airplane crash, it is necessary to determine what caused the accident. The responsible party is generally legally liable for the losses of the people injured. Around half of all airline accidents are caused by pilot error although other elements, such as inclement weather, may also contribute to the crash. Another common reason for a plane crash is mechanical failure. For example, the landing gear, electrical system or fuel system might be defective and cause a crash. The National Transportation Safety Board and other agencies are often involved in determining the cause of a plane crash.

As common carriers, airlines are bound to stringent regulations for keeping their passengers safe. If a lack of maintenance or pilot error causes a plane crash, the airline could be held legally and financially responsible for the accident. If the cause is defective parts, a manufacturer might be held liable. Compensation may be paid by an airline, or injured people might have to pursue a lawsuit. For international airlines, there is usually a minimum amount of compensation required, but it may be possible to get more.

After a plane crash, an injured person or the injured person’s family may want to contact an attorney to find out how to proceed. An injured person may want to work with an attorney even if the airline is already offering compensation because the compensation offered may not be very much. Airplane crash injuries may result in the need for lifelong medical care, and a victim may also be unable to work again.