Thousands of Florida residents receive packages from Amazon Prime each year. Unfortunately, an Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashed while en route from Miami to Houston on February 23, taking the lives of three people.

According to news reports, the Boeing 767 nosedived and smashed into a swamp approximately 30 miles short of its destination, George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Witnesses of the crash told investigators that they could hear the aircraft’s engines surging before it turned sharply and dove straight down into the shallow water below. The following day, the flight’s operator, Atlas Air Worldwide, issued a statement confirming that none of three people aboard the plane had survived the accident.

Accuweather meteorologists said there were rain showers and strong winds around Houston when the crash took place. These conditions could have played a role in the tragedy. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board said that the debris field is spread across a large portion of Trinity Bay. First responders said there was little left of the aircraft, which disintegrated on impact. All that remained were small pieces of the plane and the contents of various Amazon packages, including clothing and shoes. The identities of the three victims have not yet been released.

Families who lose loved ones in airplane crashes might want to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer could review the crash details, obtain crash investigation reports and interview witnesses to build a strong wrongful death case on behalf of the family. Legal counsel could then negotiate with the airline and insurance companies to obtain a settlement that covers funeral and burial costs, loss of income and companionship and other damages.

Source: USA Today, “Three confirmed dead after Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crash in Texas,” Trevor Hughes, February 24, 2019