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Suffered an airplane injury? You might be entitled to damages

Airplane injuries are rare, but they can be life changing when they occur. Even for people who are not afraid of flying, no one wants something to go wrong on an airplane ride. However, many people know from first-hand experience that it can happen. If you have experienced injuries on an airplane, you might be entitled to damages. Below are three common aviation injuries that occur:

Plane crashes cause panic around the world

Typically, an aircraft is not grounded unless flight data shows that there is a significant problem with it. However, this was not the case with the Boeing Max 737. It was grounded throughout the world after crashes in Asia and Africa. This is because news of a crash can put fliers in Florida and around the globe in a state of panic. In fact, one news outlet has coined the term permanxiety to describe being in a constant state of panic.

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