Airplane injuries are rare, but they can be life changing when they occur. Even for people who are not afraid of flying, no one wants something to go wrong on an airplane ride. However, many people know from first-hand experience that it can happen. If you have experienced injuries on an airplane, you might be entitled to damages. Below are three common aviation injuries that occur:

1. Food poisoning

Occasionally, you will hear a story in the news about an entire plane contracting food poisoning. Whether it was a preparation issue or a production issue, you need to report it when it happens. You will need to prove that you ate the contaminated food, and the contaminated food made you sick. Once you prove both those things, you can likely retain damages.

2. Turbulence injuries

The law holds airlines to a high standard of care for the passengers. Pilots are responsible to check weather conditions and determine the plane’s flight path accordingly. Pilots have an obligation to instruct passengers to follow safety rules, such as remaining in their seats and fastening their seat belts until the turbulence is over. If the pilot does not follow those guidelines or the turbulence is just too rough, you might have a claim against the airline if you suffer injuries. 

3. Hard landing injuries

You have likely been subject to a rocky take off or a rough landing, but not everyone has experienced a hard landing. Sometimes, hard landings can cause permanent physical injuries, mental and emotional distress. Recently, in the news, a woman filed a claim against United Airlines for $85,000 dollars for damages in a hard landing lawsuit. Hard landings can be traumatic, and you need to take any resulting injuries very seriously.

If you have experienced any of these injuries, reach out to an experienced aviation attorney. You have suffered enough, let an attorney help you get the compensation you deserve.