It seems that airline accidents and issues are filling the news lately. Ever since Boeing’s 737 Max Jet was at the center of two devastating crashes late last year and early this year, anxiety over whether it is safe to fly has increased. That anxiety had so much influence that various countries around the world, including Britain and Germany, decided to ban Boeing 737 Max planes.

This anxiety is understandable. Many people might have delayed flights on purpose to avoid the risk that seems to accompany flying lately. However, there are some ways to determine if a flight is safe long before boarding the plane.

Keep up with the news

The New York Times published an informative article that provided airline passengers with essential guidelines following the March airline crash in Ethiopia. The article primarily covers:

  • How to know if a scheduled flight is on a Boeing 737
  • Whether passengers should collect flight insurance
  • How other airlines are reacting to the Boeing issues

There is no doubt that local and national news sources will continue to report any updates on airline safety. Following the updates on the airline investigations and future updates about the airline controversies can be a helpful source to determine which airlines and flights are safe.

Look at the airline’s records

There are quite a few sources that allow passengers to review their airline’s ratings and records, including:

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): The FAA maintains records of all aviation accidents, news as well as the regulations all airlines must follow. Passengers can also check if their airline meets the required safety standards.
  • Airline Ratings: This website includes a comprehensive collection of official ratings and passenger reviews of every airline. 

Researching a flight beforehand may not be the usual process of planning a trip. However, it can help ease the anxiety caused by the recent airline crashes.

Remember, airlines and agencies are responsive

Just as the New York Times article states, Boeing is now under intense investigation and supervision by the FAA. And if Boeing is found to have been negligent, the airline will face significant consequences.

This scrutiny will likely impact other airlines to maintain passenger’s trust and confidence. So, passengers and airlines alike might be anxious now, but the Boeing crashes could bring significant changes to the way airlines test the safety of their planes.