Two individuals were injured as a result of a small plane crash that occurred on June 8. The small plane crashed into a neighborhood in Medford, Oregon. Witnesses say a loud noise was heard before the plane crashed into one neighbor’s yard.

According to witnesses, the plane appeared to be landing when it suddenly hit a tree and two parked cars before coming to a stop in front of the home. Neighbors rushed to the aid of the two men who walked out of the plane. One of the men had arm and facial injuries, and the other had facial injuries. The neighbors called the police and helped address the wounds as they waited for first responders to arrive. Both men were taken to a local hospital where they are expected to survive.

The pilot told authorities that the fuel pump suddenly went out, and he was no longer able to operate the plane. As the plane went down, he said that he aimed for the trees in order to not hit any of the surrounding homes. Medford police said that the crash is currently under investigation. Members of the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are helping local authorities with the investigation.

Airline fatalities in Florida and across the United States are relatively rare, but they can have devastating effects when they do happen. When they do occur, it is often a result of faulty manufacturing or because the airplane wasn’t inspected properly prior to take-off. Families who have lost a loved one due to an airline fatality may be able to receive monetary compensation. A lawyer may be able to show that the airline or manufacturer acted negligently and that their actions caused the crash to occur. If negligence can be proven, the family of the victim might receive compensation for their loss.

Source: KTVL, “Two people injured after plane crashes in Medford neighborhood”, 06/08/2019