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July 2019 Archives

Plane crashes upon takeoff near Dallas, kills all 10 occupants

A recent crash at a general aviation airport serving the greater Dallas area has killed ten people. A Beechcraft King Air 350, a twin-engine turbine propeller airplane, took off from Addison Municipal Airport on the morning of June 30 but crashed into a vacant hangar just as it lifted off. It veered left, was unable to climb, and dropped its left wing, rolling inverted before striking the hangar. Initial reports indicate that the pilots radioed the tower that they were having trouble with the left engine.

Boeing Renaming its Flawed 737-MAX?

Although The Boeing Company has not made any official announcement of a name change, a photo recently surfaced that evidenced the company changing the model designation on the nose of a 737-MAX aircraft awaiting delivery to the European low cost carrier Ryanair. The photograph indicates that the "-MAX" designation was removed from the aircraft and replaced with "-8200," essentially designating the aircraft a "737-8200" model.

NTSB investigates cause of Hawaii airplane crash

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a crash involving a skydiving plane in Hawaii, which is the deadliest civil aviation incident in the United States since 2011. Investigators suspect that repairs made to the aircraft, especially those made after a previous crash in 2016, could be responsible for this deadly accident. The real cause, however, won't be established until the investigation is complete. 

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