The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a crash involving a skydiving plane in Hawaii, which is the deadliest civil aviation incident in the United States since 2011. Investigators suspect that repairs made to the aircraft, especially those made after a previous crash in 2016, could be responsible for this deadly accident. The real cause, however, won’t be established until the investigation is complete. 

A preliminary report of the Hawaii plane crash will be released around the beginning of July, 2019, but the final report may take as long as two years to complete. Witnesses of the incident say that the plane crashed about 20 to 30 seconds after takeoff. Another witness stated that there was a large fire at the site where the plane hit the ground. The identity of the victims has yet to be released.

Sadly, crashes of skydiving planes are relatively common. Skydiving companies frequently use older models of aircraft that have been substantially modified to accommodate jumpers. The nature of the frequent short flights subjects the engines to more “cycles,” or take-offs and landings, than would be experienced if the planes were used for transportation purposes, and that significantly increases the stress on engine components. Also, pilots for skydiving companies are often low-time commercial pilots who are using the job to increase their total hours in order to qualify for more lucrative airline positions.

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During a previous crash in California, the plane stalled several times due to an imbalance of weight. According to reports, the aircraft was only able to land after the skydivers jumped out of the cabin. Balance and weight are two crucial factors in aircraft safety and need to be carefully calculated before takeoff.

Victims who suffer from airline injuries may have a right to compensation from the party responsible for causing the incident that lead to those injuries. This may be an airline, a charter company, or even a skydiving company. An attorney might help a victim evaluate the incident and find out what course of legal action they may have. They may then file a lawsuit on their client’s behalf or try to negotiate a settlement with the responsible party.