A recent crash at a general aviation airport serving the greater Dallas area has killed ten people. A Beechcraft King Air 350, a twin-engine turbine propeller airplane, took off from Addison Municipal Airport on the morning of June 30 but crashed into a vacant hangar just as it lifted off. It veered left, was unable to climb, and dropped its left wing, rolling inverted before striking the hangar. Initial reports indicate that the pilots radioed the tower that they were having trouble with the left engine.

One witness at the airport said that the plane did not sound right as it took off and that this clearly signified reduced power. The crash resulted in a fire, which was quickly extinguished. Everyone on the plane was killed.

Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration arrived at the scene, and the National Transportation Safety Board also sent a team out to investigate. The city of Addison, Texas, established a family assistance center with chaplains, counselors and other staff to mentally support those impacted by the crash. The Dallas County medical examiner’s office is working to notify all of the family members of the decedents.

Investigators will presumably uncover the issue that led to the crash. After that, the question will be who, if anyone, is responsible. Many airplane crashes are due to the negligence of, for example, parts manufacturers or maintenance crews. Whoever happens to be at fault, they will probably have to face a wrongful death lawsuit from the victims’ families.

This is where having legal representation may prove to be beneficial. Families who intend to file a lawsuit must do so within the relevant statutory period in order to be able to obtain compensation for the losses that they have sustained.